Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* reference.nim: split revWalker and branch-stuff, refactor revWalkerLeah (ctucx)2021-03-173-95/+139
* objects.nim: new procs ==, fromString; rename getSha to toStringLeah (ctucx)2021-03-161-7/+16
* commit.nim: cleanupLeah (ctucx)2021-03-161-7/+3
* repository.nim: new proc isHeadDetached, cleanupLeah (ctucx)2021-03-161-5/+9
* objects.nim: new proc lookupObjectIdByNameLeah (ctucx)2021-03-162-6/+19
* reference.nim: new proc getBranchNameLeah (ctucx)2021-03-163-3/+14
* reference.nim: new proc getName, rename getShorthand -> getShortname, alias g...Leah (ctucx)2021-03-161-3/+6
* showLastCommit.nim: cleanupLeah (ctucx)2021-03-161-3/+1
* reference.nim: split resolveTarget into own procLeah (ctucx)2021-03-161-6/+11
* free on errorLeah (ctucx)2021-03-164-4/+20
* reference.nim: new functions (isNote, getOwner, getRepo, getTarget, getSymbol...Leah (ctucx)2021-03-163-18/+45
* commit.nim: add getCommitter and getParrentLeah (ctucx)2021-03-161-0/+13
* add branch iterator and helpersLeah (ctucx)2021-03-166-3/+77
* initLeah (ctucx)2021-03-1614-0/+400